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Nvidia Reflex now in Overwatch, feature also coming to Rust and Ghostrunner

Last month, Nvidia and Blizzard announced plans to add Nvidia Reflex technology into Overwatch, which can reduce input latency by up to a whopping 50 percent for PC players. After a couple of weeks of testing in Overwatch's Public Test Realm servers, Reflex is officially rolling out to all Overwatch players.

Running Overwatch with Nvidia Reflex on can bring a massive 50 percent reduction to latency. In tests, a GTX 1660 Super running the game at 1440p/144Hz, total system latency reaches up to 63ms, switching Reflex on reduces that to 31ms. In the case of the RTX 2060 Super, latency drops from 47ms to 24ms and for the RTX 3080, switching Nvidia Reflex on reduces latency from 26ms to 16ms.

Overwatch players with a GTX 900 series graphics card or newer will be able to take advantage of Nvidia Reflex, which is live in Overwatch as of today.

The good news doesn't end there though, Nvidia Reflex is coming to a couple of other games soon too, with Facepunch Studios' Rust and One More Level's Ghostrunner both set to introduce the feature soon. We don't know how much of an impact Reflex will have in these games, but more details should be available in the weeks to come.

At this point, Nvidia Reflex has been implemented in most of the top-ten most played competitive shooters, as well as a few other big games. Nvidia Reflex can be further enhanced with the Reflex Latency Analyzer, which is available on some popular gaming monitors and gaming mice, you can find a list of latency analyser compatible peripherals, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: Nvidia Reflex is becoming very popular amongst developers. Do many of you use Reflex in supported games? Have you noticed a difference since switching it on? 

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