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Rust is still coming to consoles

After many years of success on PC, last year Facepunch Studios announced that they would be bringing Rust to consoles in partnership with Double Eleven. It has been a long time since we last had an update on the project, but that changed today.  Today, Double Eleven, a studio also …

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Rust’s lack of gender choices is bugging some players

Picking your character’s gender in-game is something offered by a lot of titles without a sex-specific story to tell, helping people feel represented in-game. However Rust, by Garry’s Mod developer, Facepunch, does this in a more naturalistic style, by assigning players a gender based on their Steam ID and doesn’t let …

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Rust ditches zombies

Rust, the open world survival and trouser finding sim created by Garry’s Mod developer, Garry Newman, has now completely ditched zombies from the game. While Rust was initially intended as more of an open world DayZ, with the current spate of zombie survival titles out there, Newman felt they had …

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