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Rust has been refunded close to 330,000 times

One of the biggest changes Valve has made to Steam in recent years is the introduction of the refund system. This is now a regularly used feature within Steam and while most developers choose to keep their refund statistics hidden, this week Garry Newman, creator of Rust, revealed that his early access survival game has been refunded 329,970 times.

In total, that’s $4.3 million claimed back via refunds. Now those numbers seem huge but in reality, this only accounts for around six percent of Rust’s total sales and is in line with other Early Access survival games.

When asked about the main reason players give for refunding, Newman told PCGamesN that it usually comes down to poor performance or the game not being fun for that person, which he sees as a fair assessment. After all, survival games aren’t going to be to everyone’s taste and games in early access are rarely fully optimised for smooth performance across a wide range of systems.

KitGuru Says: With Rust being one of the more well-known survival games, I would imagine it has seen more refunds than most. What was the last game you guys refunded? 

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