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Report claims GTX 1080Ti now coming in March

In the months leading up to CES, there were several rumours floating around claiming that Nvidia would be showing off the GTX 1080Ti- something that ultimately turned out to be untrue. However, the rumour mill doesn't stop spinning, leading to new reports that the card will now be shown at PAX East on March 10th instead.

Given that past reports turned out to be unreliable, I would recommend taking this information with a dose of scepticism but according to a add-in Board partner source speaking with Tech Buyer's Guide, the GTX 1080Ti will make its appearance at PAX East in March with variants from MSI.

Apparently Nvidia has chosen to sit on the GTX 1080Ti for a few extra months in order to see what AMD has brewing with Vega 10. Judging from the report, board partners are already preparing variants of the GPU for launch but a founder's edition wasn't mentioned at all.

Obviously, the source on this information is anonymous but supposedly this person works for MSI, assuming the source is legitimate to begin with.

KitGuru Says: After being let down by previous leaks and rumours regarding the 1080Ti, I'm not quite ready to buy in to this one just yet. That said, it is only a matter of time before more concrete information comes along. Do you guys think there is a good chance of us seeing the GTX 1080Ti at PAX East in March?

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  1. It was pretty clear from various channels’ coverage at CES that not only did they plan on announcing, but that vendors were showing their cards to select attendees behind closed doors. There were at least two videos I watched about the GigaByte showroom where the person referred to a video card that they “definitely didn’t know anything about.” The 1080ti is done, the boards are in production, and they are just waiting on AMD so they can know where to set their prices. They don’t want to release and end up with bad press for cutting prices like they did on the 980ti.

  2. Your right. Nvidia wants to screw every cent out of their “loyal” customers.
    Its a waiting game. Anyway, 1080 price isn’t going to hold so don’t buy it now.
    AMD, I guess, will come in just under 1080, so 1080 will drop and 1080 TI will move into
    the 1080 price.
    Considering this will mean the 1080 will still be too expensive, its not going to be good news for PC gamers. I skipped 1080, and may also skip vega if they continue with the 500+ price gouging.

    Will go on ebay and get a couple of used 1080’s

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  4. You are waiting for AMD to release so you know how to set up prices and beat even the slightest competition. You want every penny from loyal customers. Unfortunately, your Pascal gen fails to please me. Sorry, but I am on to Vega 10. Screw you.

  5. When the 780ti came out the 780 went from $650 to $499. Maybe the 1080 will follow that. It be more exciting if they lower GTX1070 from $379 to $329 so we can get some AIB GTX1070’s at $350, now that would be a deal. Then again i’d still wait to see what Vega’s got.

  6. If they wanted to milk their “loyal customers”, they would have released last week anyway at whatever price they wanted to, and they would have sold a ton of cards no matter what – changing video card brands isn’t simple anymore now that they have created an infrastructure with GSync and their Shield devices, so people aren’t as likely to jump back and forth as they used to.

    This has to do with minimizing bad press, period. When AMD undercut the 980ti and nVidia had to lower their prices, everyone treated nVidia like they had been ripping people off. They want to avoid that this time.

  7. It’s all going to depend on AMD. Whatever price Vega10 releases at, 1080ti will be $50 more for the AIB version, almost guaranteed. So, if AMD is aggessive and goes for a $499 price point, the OG 1080 could be as low as $450, and the 1070 as low as $325-350. Potentially exciting times, but it’s up to AMD to get things rolling.

  8. I’m excited for another price war lol cmon AMDDD

  9. This could be true hardware canucks showed off a new gpu they couldnt name from nvidia in a custom cooler from gigabyte. It has two 8 pins so i cant see this turning out to something like a “1060ti”


  10. that’s a nice heater