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Rumours are conflicting as new report claims Nvidia ‘Turing’ GPUs will land in March

The graphics card rumour mill has been spinning back up recently, with reports claiming that Nvidia's next gaming graphics cards will be here in less than two months time under the name ‘Ampere'. However, a wrench was thrown into the works today thanks to the folks at Reuters, who claim that new gaming GPUs from Nvidia are in fact on the way, but are being made under the codename ‘Turing'.

Speaking with various industry analysts, Reuters has heard that Nvidia's competitive advantage in the gaming GPU market is going to increase in the coming months. Apparently, Volta will be moved into gaming GPUs this year under the new codename ‘Turing'. This GPU is expected to be unveiled in March, though it wasn't specified whether the reveal would take place at the Game Developer Conference or the Graphics Technology Conference, which occur a week or so apart from another.

Up until this point, we had only heard rumours coming out of Germany, claiming that Nvidia's new gaming GPU architecture would be called ‘Ampere'. The sources on these Ampere rumours were somewhat flimsy, whereas Reuters is a more high-profile US news outlet. With that in mind, the Reuters report may be the more likely one to turn out to be true.

Obviously, Nvidia hasn't announced anything official yet, so this information is all heavily planted in rumour territory at the moment. Still, hopefully we'll hear more information next month, when GDC and GTC roll around.

KitGuru Says: While I'm generally enthusiastic about all tech, nothing gets me going quite like a new graphics card launch. The rumour mill is spitting out conflicting information at the moment, but hopefully more light will be shed on this in the coming month. 

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