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The Razer Core external GPU enclosure has a price

Back at CES, Razer began showing off its own external GPU solution, the Razer Core. Since then, AMD has backed the product, with it being one of the first to support XConnect technology using Thunderbolt 3 and now, we finally have a price and shipping date for it.

The Razer Core external graphics enclosure is the world's first plug and play solution to use Thunderbolt 3, this also means that it isn't limited to any specific laptop maker and will work on any laptop that uses Thunderbolt 3. It also supports AMD's XConnect technology, which is essentially direct driver support for external AMD GPUs.


The Razer Core will support quite a few GPUs ‘officially' at launch. On the AMD side, users can equip the Core with a Radeon R9 280, R9 290, R9 290x, any R9 300-series card, the R9 Nano and the R9 Fury X.

On the Nvidia side, you can use a GTX 750/Ti, GTX 950, GTX 960, GTX 970, GTX 980/Ti and the Titan X. The Razer Core will hit the market at $499 but if you own a Razer Blade 2016 or Razer Blade Stealth laptop, then the Core will cost you $399 instead. This is a US launch to start off with so we don't know when the Core will show up in other territories just yet. The Razer Core starts shipping in April.

KitGuru Says: Moving external graphics enclosures over to Thunderbolt 3 for wider system compatibility seems like a good idea. Do any of you currently, game on a laptop? Would you think about picking up an external graphics enclosure like this? 


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