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The Titan Z has not been cancelled or delayed

Nvidia revealed the $3000 Titan Z graphics card all the way back in March, which was some time ago. Since then,  the company has been pretty quiet on its dual graphics solution, which sparked rumours of cancellation or an indefinite delay. However, it seems the rumours weren’t true as Nvidia’s CEO has cleared things up.

In an interview with Cnet, Nvidia CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, was asked if there was any truth to the Titan Z being cancelled or delayed, to which he replied: “No, no, that’s silliness.”


Even though the Titan Z was revealed almost two months ago, according to Huang, it is still on track. He didn’t explain why the card is taking so long to release but he did explain the thinking behind its monstrous $3000 price tag, stating that most Titan customers re-buy every year:

“Most of the customers that buy Titan Zs buy it every year,” Huang said. “The reason for that is the people who buy Titans and Titan Zs have an insatiable need for computing capability, graphics computing capability. So either they got tired of using just a 1,080p monitor and they just bought a 4K. My Titan all of a sudden’s not enough. For a 4K monitor, a $3,000 to $5,000 monitor, I need something bigger to drive it. So that’s Titan Z.”

There was no hint as to when the Titan Z will actually release but apparently it is still coming, will still cost $3000 and hasn’t been delayed at all.

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KitGuru Says: We don’t have any reliable performance numbers for the Titan Z just yet so its hard to tell if it will actually be worth the huge price tag, even when compared to something like the R9 295x. The long wait for Nvidia’s dual GPU card might also put some potential buyers off as many enthusiasts are going to be waiting for the release of the Maxwell architecture, which is rumoured to launch later this year. 

Source: Cnet

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