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Palit GTX 1080 Ti Super JetStream 11GB Review

When it comes to purchasing a graphics card at the entry price point for a given GPU it may be sensible to think compromises need to be made and overall quality will be deficient compared to more expensive alternatives. Palit proves with the GTX 1080 Ti Super JetStream that this simply isn’t the case.

The Palit GTX 1080 Ti Super JetStream is considerably cheaper than equivalent products from rival premium brands and the extent of the saving can be as much as £120, depending on the model and the retailer being quoted. Although, Palit’s GTX 1080 Ti Super JetStream is more likely to be compared against other alternative brands, like Inno3D and KFA2, which do offer equivalent models in the same price bracket as Palit.

Furthermore, the power configuration is as well-equipped as many rival products from ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI with a 12 phases configuration for the GPU core and separate phases for the memory. Palit has improved on the VRM design of Nvidia’s Founder’s Edition model and the implementation is capable of pushing the GTX 1080 Ti to its limits.

That said there’s no reason why prospective GTX 1080 Ti owners shouldn’t see this Palit card as a viable alternative to options from ASUS and MSI which, at present, cost upwards of at least £700 and as much as £800.

The Palit GTX 1080 Ti Super JetStream isn’t without it’s drawbacks, the most significant of which is the triple slot design that poses potential compatibility issues in multi-GPU setups or in smaller form factor systems. Factory clock speeds could be more aggressive, too, and we find it puzzling that the GameRock Premium seems to be positioned as Palit’s “best” GTX 1080 Ti option despite its polarising aesthetics and the fact that the JetStream series has considerably more brand recognition with consumers.

However, on the whole the Palit GTX 1080 Ti Super JetStream is a very polished and sensible choice for a GTX 1080 Ti.

One final aside is that thrifty consumers may do well to purchase the “standard” JetStream, i.e. not the Super variant, and manually overclock it to make up for the performance deficit. As far as we can see, only factory clock speeds separate the Super JetStream and JetStream GTX 1080 Tis from Palit.


The Palit GTX 1080 Ti Super JetStream 11GB is available to purchase from Overclockers UK for £679.99. Palit provides a 2 year warranty with this product which is provided through the retailer.


  • Good build quality and aesthetics.
  • Strong balance of cooling and noise.
  • RGB lighting.
  • Backplate.
  • Dual-bios switch
  • Strong VRM implementation


  • Factory clock speeds should be higher.
  • Almost triple slot.
  • 2 year warranty is short, many brands offer a 3 year warranty.

KitGuru says: A well-polished GTX 1080 Ti that’s more affordable than you might expect, the Palit GTX 1080 Ti Super JetStream is a great alternative to big name brands.


Rating: 8.5.

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