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nVidia and XFX burned bridges for good?

XFX are without doubt one of the finest graphics card manufacturers on the planet and whenever they announced they were going to sell ATI graphics card, many analysts and journo's wondered how it would work. After all nVidia are well known to be rather tempremental and difficult to work with on a variety of levels, even at the best of times. 2010 is not one of their golden years.

It seems that nVidia have burned their bridges with XFX which is a shame because the public have been demanding XFX branded Fermi cards for quite some time. Our buddies over at Fudzilla even have the same thinking. When KitGuru asked XFX for Fermi samples many months ago we were told that none would be forthcoming – there is no point getting into the small print, but the XFX/Nvidia situation has been strained for many many months now.

Takes the meaning 'play hard' into a whole new zone

So what harm has this done XFX? Financially we would say they have lost a fair chunk of change due to lost Fermi sales, but for most people the AMD HD5x series has been the bigger success story, with much higher sales figures due to lower temperatures, power consumption and overall efficiency. XFX seem to be still selling many cards, just for the ‘other' team.

Before you jump on our backs and start crying “OMG KitGuru are ATI Fanbois!”, just remember Big Z's reviews of the MSI N460GTX, eVGA GTX460 Superclocked and the Zotac GTX460 AMP! Hell, we quite liked the GTX480, even if it sucks enough juice to power a small island off the American coast. This isn't our views on Nvidia hardware, but more a question pointed to their PR teams who seem to adopt the most petty strategies from time to time.

We think nVidia are the ones to suffer the most from this, they are losing sales from one of their most capable, long standing partners, who have a huge following in the enthusiast sector. We have been noticing forums across the net asking why XFX have yet to release nVidia hardware. The answer is simple, they aren't being supported.

KitGuru says: Cutting off your nose to spite your face doesn't often work well in business. nVidia take note.

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