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ASUS GTX 760 MARS Review (1600p, Ultra HD 4k)

Rating: 9.0.

Today we look at the latest graphics card from ASUS, the GTX 760 MARS. This solution comprises two GTX760’s in an SLi configuration, all on a single PCB. ASUS have incorporated a hefty DIGI+VRM configuration featuring 12 phase power. They are promoting this card to go head to head against the flagship GTX Titan and GTX780Ti. So today we find out if it can!

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The new Asus GTX 760 MARS features a high end Direct CU II cooler (split into two heatsinks on either side) and ASUS claim that the hardware provides 7% more performance than a GTX Titan.

While we don’t have two at hand today, we have also been told that ASUS have worked closely with NVIDIA to ensure that the new MARS solution will support QUAD SLi.
The ASUS GTX 760 MARS has two GTX 760’s on the same board. All of the specifications are listed above. Combined CUDA Cores are 2,304, and the core clock speed of each GPU core is 1,006mhz. Memory runs at 1,500mhz (6Gbps effective). Each of the GTX760’s is equipped with 2GB of GDDR5 which is connected via a 256 bit memory interface.

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  • Harris

    This is very impressive. always liked the GTX760 for the power to performance ratio. nice job.

  • Ben

    Very interesting, I always thought MARS cards were priced intentionally well outside the realms of normal solutions, but ASUS are making this one practical as well.

    Its a good idea, but it should maybe have a different name, not MARS.

  • Hank

    Very nice idea, I see a lot of people complaining that it is no longer a ‘MARS’ card, but they weren’t practical at all for anyone, over the top pricing etc. Maybe asus want this one to sell well, and it should actually as its a decent saving over the 780 TI, and closely matched.

  • Justin

    Why there is no comparison of gtx690, amd7990, or some SLI/crossfire?
    The Chart is not complete without these comparison….

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