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Gigabyte GTX 460 OC SLi Review

While we already looked at Battlefield Bad Company 2 earlier, we wanted to try something different by placing the manually overclocked GTX 460 SLi solution in a head to head with two reference clocked HD 5870 cards on the same system. Obviously there is a considerable price difference but with the GTX460 manual overclock it will be interesting to see how close the dual card solutions match up.

Both solutions deliver fantastic performance results and are perfectly playable throughout. The HD5870 CFx solution has the edge, by about 7 frames per second but it is hardly noticeable real world. We were surprised how well the GTX460 SLI performed with this title and you will note that the all important minimum frame rate scores are identical.

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  1. That is a fantastic board. SLi scaling is impressive, always has been.

  2. Good all round boards, but I keep wondering if it is just too little to late. rumours on the net say ATIs next solutions are out in a months time.

  3. I love the 460, only card from nvidia ive rated in 2 years. 450 not so much.

  4. SLI performance is strong. these cards overclock liike crazy

  5. ermm dont these seem a bit expensive compared to 460s at 145-150 ?

  6. the cheaper models are normally 768mb versions though, not worth picking up

  7. I still think the HD5850 is a better buy. its faster and with AMD you get better drivers and support.

  8. 5850 is priced higher + not always faster card, thus not the best buy… yet…

  9. I agree with Jordan – HD5850 is quite a bit more expensive still.

  10. Unless you get a HD5850 on a sale deal, its costing more. and if you manually OC these 460s you get HD5850 performance anyway. thats the whole selling point from nvidia.

  11. Nvidia re panicing tho. they know ATis new cards are coming soon. its a reduced sale to sell as many cards as possible before everyone goes back to ATi.

  12. everyone needs to stop calling them ATI 😉 that name is no more. unfortunately

  13. lol yeah, i dont think anyone cares about the name change

  14. AMD better pull their socks up some and get their new cards to market since the GTX 460’s in SLI are so close to 5870 in Crossfire for half the price