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Gigabyte GTX 460 OC SLi Review

The Gigabyte GTX460 OC is a mega gaming card and in SLI they become a potent powerhouse, capable of delivering a high level of frame rates with any modern day engine. The Gigabyte cards have many benefits over the reference solution, the most noticeable being the fantastic cooling solution which delivers sub 60c load results while generating a low level of noise.

With manual overclocking we were happily surprised to see the GTX 460's almost hanging onto performance levels that a HD5870 CFx solution was delivering. Sure they weren't quite as fast but considering two of them cost £350 in the UK right now and two HD5870's will set you back over £600 then it certainly seems like a fantastic value for money proposition. We don't think there is a better performance to cost ratio on the market today.

Negatively, these cards have clearly got huge overclocking potential and both our samples hit 1000mhz memory or over, so why not sell them with a higher reference clock speed? We really don't understand the logic, because the cooler is clearly very capable.

We love the GTX 460 – the combination of high performance, low noise, moderate power drain and exceptional overclocking capabilities mean that in the sub £200 bracket this is the card to get. We like the Gigabyte card because the cooler is a much superior solution to the reference board and probably one of the best on the market. The MSI Cyclone might still have the edge, but it is close.

KitGuru says: If you have £180 to spend right then you are spolit for choice, really what you need to be selecting is the GTX460 with the best cooler and this Gigabyte card is right at the top of the pile.

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Rating: 9.0.

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