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HIS HD 6870 Turbo 1GB Video Card Review

The HIS HD6870 Turbo is based around the reference AMD design and as such might not seem that exciting a proposition for many people, we are still waiting on custom cooled solutions which will reignite our excitement.

To be fair, the HIS Turbo Edition has proven to be the best HD6870 we have tested yet, not because of the relatively minor ‘out of the box’ overclocks, but because we noticed a higher overclocking threshold, almost achieving 1ghz on the core. We aren’t sure if HIS hand pick the Turbo cards from their production line, but clearly our review sample was better than the other five in our labs right now.

We are still impressed with the HD6870, especially in an overclocked state, because the levels of performance are close to the HD5870, which a year ago cost £100 more in the UK. There really has never been a better time to buy a video card as every sector is inundated with quality models.

Pricing for the HD6870 Turbo Edition a couple of days ago wasn’t in such a healthy state, we noticed that UK stores were selling it for £40 more than the reference solution, which seemed over the odds for a card without a sexy cooler installed. After we flagged this to HIS directly however, the price dropped to £210 inc vat, which means you pay a £20 premium. We think this is fairly good value and while we can’t verify that all Turbo Editions can hit 1ghz on the core it does appear that the overclocking thresholds are slightly better.

KitGuru says: HIS HD6870 Turbo is good bet if you want kick ass gaming performance at high resolutions.

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Rating: 9.0.

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