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MSI N460GTX 1GD5 Cyclone 1GB Review

We said in our previous reviews that GTX 460 is ‘Fermi done right‘ and this overclocked MSI card today further verifies our findings that these are the best Fermi cards on the market today. MSI have taken this core design and turned it on its head, offering not only a card which has a better cooler, faster clocks and lower noise levels, but one which manually overclocks to levels we previously thought impossible.

MSI are proving to Kitguru in 2010 that their product range keeps getting better and with every item of hardware that we review, the stronger this belief becomes. The ‘military class components’ hype they mention on these boxes sounds like PR fluff but in reality we have noticed huge overclocking potential on all products utilising this technology.

This isn’t the first graphics card from them which has achieved similar overclocking feats – check out our review of the R5870 Lighting for instance and then follow up with a look at the Big Bang X Power for a tutorial on just how to create the ultimate motherboard.

The kicker really comes when you look at the current pricing, this card would be a good deal for £220, but we have seen them in the UK at prices just over £190 inc vat. This is extremely competitive, especially when the nearest ATI card is the HD5830 – originally the same price, but which has recently dropped to around £170 inc vat. Its still not good value compared to the GTX460, because we firmly believe it is the only duff card in the HD5000 series … you either buy the HD5770 or the HD5850, simple as that. Right now the GTX460 would be our first choice just under £200 as the price to performance ratio is simply outstanding.

KitGuru says: MSI release another A list product which is leading the way – they are currently releasing some of the finest products available in the enthusiast sector.

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Rating: 9.0.

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