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MSI N460GTX 1GD5 Cyclone 1GB Review

For testing today we decided to take a slightly different approach. KitGuru believes that one of the best value for money processors right now is the 6 core AMD 1055T.

We have spent some time showing you how to get 3.7ghz out of it (without extra voltage) so our mid range system will be based around it.

We will be focusing on 1920×1200 and 1920×1080 (1080p) resolutions today, which is ideal for the target audience.

Test System:

MSI N460GTX 1GD5 Cyclone 1GB
Reference GTX460 768MB

Zotac GTX465 Graphics Card
AMD Reference 5850 Graphics Card
AMD Reference 5830 Graphics Card
AMD 1055T @ 3.7ghz
Kingston HyperX 8GB Kit

MSI 890 GXM-G65
Noctua NH CP12 Cooler

Antec Dark Fleet DF 85
Antec 750W TruPower PSU

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Catalyst 10.7 Driver
ForceWare 258.96 WHQL Driver
Fraps Professional
Dell U2410 Panel
Panasonic Viera NeoPDP 600HZ 42 inch Plasma TV
Buffalo 128GB SSD Drive

Keithley Integra unit
Thermal Diodes
Raytek Laser Temp Gun 3i LSRC/MT4 Mini Temp
Digital Sound Level Noise Decibel Meter Style 2

3DMark Vantage Professional
Alien V Predator
Far Cry 2
Resident Evil 5
Metro 2033
Tom Clancy HAWX
Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City
Left 4 Dead 2
Crysis Warhead
HQV Benchmark 2.0

Unigine Heaven Benchmark

All the latest bios updates and drivers are used during testing. We perform under real world conditions, meaning KitGuru test all games across five closely matched runs and average out the results to get an accurate median figure.

Our minimum frame rate game graphs have three main zones. These are sampled over a specific 30 interval period of time and then mapped into a chart. These are handy reference guides to detail worst case performance of the product being reviewed. When we test video cards we try to find the best combination of resolution and image quality settings while still maintaining playable frame rates.

Over 30fps is the zone most people want at all times, this means perfectly smooth frame rates with no hitching.

Between 30fps and 25fps is the KitGuru ‘Playable’ zone, although some people might notice occasional stuttering in specific scenes.

Under 25fps is classed as the KitGuru ‘Danger Zone’ which means that the game experience will be less than impressive. Settings and/or resolution would need lowered to help smooth out the frame rate.

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