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Powercolor HD5770 Vortex 1GB Review

Even though the Powercolor HD5770 Vortex comes supplied with overclocked settings we wanted to see how much further we could push it via manual overclocking. This is always a good indication of potential headroom, even though the results of this will vary from card to card. We initially left Catalyst Control Center to get its own maximum ratings.

Catalyst Control Center came up with the settings above, which were considerably ‘out’. After manually testing the card for several hours our maximum figures were 950mhz on the core and 1400mhz on the memory.

Anything over 950mhz on the core proved unstable, however the memory overhead was incredible. We successfully sustained a whopping 1400mhz (5.6ghz) overclock which is a huge increase over the 1225mhz (4.9ghz). We confirmed our results with MSI Afterburner and anything above 1400mhz caused artifacting onscreen.

Now that we have our maximum overclock we decided to try a couple of tests again to see how the overclocked speeds would affect the performance of the card.

Unigine recorded increases as expected but we are much more interested in the real world gaming improvements. Crysis Warhead increased by a considerable 3FPS with both minimum and average frame rates – this can actually help to smooth out some of the more intensive gaming sections. Very good results indeed.

With such a considerable overclock we wanted to recheck the temperatures to ensure they were still within safe parameters.

The temperatures rose by about 8 degrees but we noticed that the fan wasn’t speeding up any higher than 40 percent, the same speeds with Furmark at reference clocks. Manually adjusting the fan or setting up profiles would help reduce temperatures, but clearly Powercolor are aiming for a mixture of cooling and noise levels. If you hate noise then this card is going to be a great first consideration.

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  • Death Dealer

    Powercolor seem to be a on a roll lately. compared to their cards 2 years ago these are light years ahead. I thought initially the cooler idea on this was a gimmick, but its actually rather practical as you say. First review on the net of this? well done !

  • Eric K

    Well I am glad someone else commented on the weird car type coolers on these boards, ive no idea why asus and powercolor are keen to promote their cards as vehicles 🙂 Anyway its better than frogs which palit used !

    Good board and as always a fantastic review, love the noise level testing that is one hell of a good performance for an overclocked card.

    I cant see it for sale anywhere? any ETA on sales?

  • Stefan

    The HD5770 as a series is SO damn good right now, £130!, I will wait to see how powercolor price this, if its £140-145, its a no brainer. I think this might even be better than the vapor X from sapphire. Which I wasnt expected.

  • Steve

    I have to comment on the testing. the fact there arent 40 graphs per page with a focus on a real world setting is such a joy for me. I have seen some sites test a HD5770 at 2560×1600 with 8AA and they show results of 2fps. Thats really helpful to everyone. NOT!

    So good job, and as the rest have said already, great performer.

  • Bill

    Love these reviews from Zardon on KG, so much detail yet its all relevant. Killer review and what another great product from Powercolor. just hope they make it available where I live as they often dont.

  • Terry

    Well this is quiet surprising, but the HD5870 review on kitguru surprised me also. Powercolor are really stepping up to the plate with these card releases. I am so glad they didnt put a whirring fan on this to get lower temperatures at the cost of noise.

  • Frank

    Good job from powercolor, but for some reason i cant shake their perspection as a ‘cheaper’ maker, when compared to sapphire, am I wrong?

  • Joe

    HD5770 is a solid buy, it always was, but the price drops mean you can get one of these heavily modded boards for the original price of the reference design, cant be bad to that 🙂

  • Tech Head

    @ Frank. You arent the first person to say it, but I think its changed. I know most of these cards are made by the same handful of companies in the first east anyway, so I dont think quality is going to be an issue. The difference between the cards now is really down to the creative minds and R&D teams in each company who come up with the cooler ideas, and the key selling points to differentiate their cards from the other makers. Sapphire have been leading this for years, but with XFX and powercolor stepping up their game lately its not so black and white.

    I wouldnt judge powercolor by a preconceived notion of their name from the past. check out the HD5870 review on Kitguru over here http://www.kitguru.net/components/graphic-cards/zardon/powercolor-hd-5870-pcs-review/. that is a seriously impressive card and I would rather have it than the MSI version which everyone loves 🙂

  • Tim

    Great review, solid testing and another winner from PC

  • Tri Color

    Only thing I dislike about powercolor is the naming. this one isnt so bad, but all that PCS+ and PCS++ crap just irritates me.

  • Flash Harry

    Like this card a lot, its in the right price range, hopefully its nearer 140 than 150, cause its putting it rather close to the GTX460 if its 150.

  • Flo

    HD5000 power consumption always impresses me greately. those fermi cards are just beasts by consideration.

  • Francois LeBon

    For those handful of people complaining about powercolor name, I had a card fail last year by them and I got it replaced within 2 weeks, and this is in France. I was quite happy with their service. Might not be up to XFX standards but their cards generally are a bit cheaper.

  • Sam I am

    That was great, and I really like the look of this card. I cant see it for sale yet, and its weird they havent released it as the press releases ive found from google said it was out yesterday!?!?!

  • Brian Dillinger

    140 would be a good price for it. if its 150, i think its a bit close in pricing to the GTX460 which would knock it into a cocked hat.

  • Brad

    Nice review, like the noise and temp testing, always better than most sites out there who rate noise on some weird scales no one understands.

  • Jospeh Munaker

    Powercolor make some great boards, they all follow a reference design for the components and while they slot on new coolers etc, there is very little they can do to ruin one of these cards anyway. as someone else said I think palit make most of the cards anyway for everyone. believe it or not !

  • Horace

    Great review, think ill go order one if I can find it.

  • Timothy Dutton

    Any pricing lists yet? I cant find this bloody card anywhere.

  • Tres Bien

    I am sorely tempted to pick one of these up later next month

  • Brandon Vinson

    as much as that card is nice its less powerfull atleast on the benchmarks i use then the GTX 260 which atleast now is being sold for around the same price on newegg and given that the GTX 460 is around 41% more powerfull on the benchmarks i run and only costs like 50 more it seems like it would be a btter idea to just hold on to my money for 1-2 or 3 paychecks and get the GTX 460

  • Raffy

    I’ve just build new gaming rig & i dont regret buying this card. I play starcraft 2 all max settings with no lag even in most intense battle, fps doesnt go down below 25fps. Im very happy with this card