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XFX HD5770 1GB Single Slot in CrossfireX Review

We love the HD5770 and still believe it is in a strong position to sell well, even with the release of the exemplary GTX460 from nVidia. The HD5770 recently dropped in price and you can now pick them up for £125 inc vat in the UK.

The XFX ‘bundled’ Crossfire deal with Dabs is £265 inc vat which means each single slot card is costing £132.50. Applying a quick calculation we can see that this is around £15 more than a generalised double slot CFx solution. When we factor in the £10 DabsPlay voucher this bundle deal is actually pretty good value. Granted you only get one free game, but unless you plan on giving away one of the Dirt 2 codes to a friend I would hardly say this is a big deal.

The XFX cooler is excellent, we really do like it. Acoustic noise is low and it managed to maintain gaming temperatures around 76c for each card when tested in our Silverstone Raven 02 chassis.

These single slot cards really make sense when you are building a system into a chassis of limited dimensions as they provide great gaming performance without using up a massive amount of physical space. The only weakness is the limited overclocking potential, however for many people building a customised gaming system this will not prove much of an issue.

When you factor in the excellent DX11 architecture, fantastic cooler performance levels and XFX’s renowned support system then this is one of the finest HD5770’s on the market right now.

KitGuru says: These are single slot cards with all the performance of their fatter counterparts. A clear winner.

To test power consumption today we are using a Keithley Integra unit and we measure power consumption from the VGA card inputs, not the system wide drain. The best way to get maximum load results is by using Furmark, and even though it is not indicative of a real world situation it shows the limits the card can theoretically demand. The ‘gaming’ results are measured when playing Crysis Warhead and is a more valuable result to take from this.

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Rating: 8.7.

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