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XFX HD5770 1GB Single Slot in CrossfireX Review

The XFX box art has some of the finest designs in the industry and this one looks like an advertisement for the UK TV show Robot Wars. On the front is a list of specifications and the feature set. This card supports Eyefinity with dual link DVI ports and Mini DisplayPort.

The outer sleeve slides out to reveal the inside box with a window cut into one side, showcasing the cooling solution. The card ships protected in a plastic sleeve.

Inside the box is a fairly minimal bundle, an install guide, a driver disc, a molex to 6 pin adapter and a ‘do not disturb’ sign to hang over your closed door handle … these make ideal toys for pets also when they try to jump up and eat them. We also received a voucher for the DX11 capable Colin McRae Dirt 2 which is part of the DABS bundle deal. We mentioned to XFX that our box didn’t come supplied with a Crossfire connector, so hopefully they can include one in the bundle on the DABS store.

While the card pictures above looks just like any other reference card on the market (with a slim single slot profile obviously), there is more to it than you might first think. XFX have created a custom PCB for one which maintains their traditional black colour and secondly allows for a custom cooling solution.

The 80mm fan is bigger than most single slot cooling solutions and we hope it will offer low noise levels with reasonable cooling efficiency.

Two of the little boards can make for a formidable gaming system, which we will test shortly on the latest game engines.

Above left is a single Crossfire connector for dual card mode, and above right a single six pin power feed is required.

Due to the single slot solution there is no much room for a wealth of output connectivity, two dual link DVI connectors with a mini DisplayPort are offered. Some people might like to see one of the DVI outputs switched to an HDMI output, but it is pretty easy to get an HDMI to DVI converter cable and this configuration offers broader PC monitor support, especially when using Eyefinity.

XFX are using military grade standard solid capacitors on the card which they say will increase life time while offering enhanced stability and reliability.

There once was one and now there is two. The single slot cooler shown beside a Sapphire Vapor X HD5770. The card is  around a quarter of an inch shorter than the reference design due to the removal of the overhanging shroud. The really observant among you will already have noticed that the GPU core is moved further away from the backplate which required a reversal of the heatsink fins – directly over the core and aiding the cooling system.

The cooler also incorporates IP-5X ‘anti dust’ protection which is an industry rating they have managed to achieve when creating the board design.

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