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Zotac GTX460 AMP! Edition Review

HQV Benchmark 2.0 is an updated version of the original tool and it consists of various video clips and test patterns which are designed to evalute motion correction, de-interlacing, decoding, noise reduction, detail enhancement and film cadence detection.

There are two versions of the program, standard definition on DVD and high definition on Bluray. As our audience will be concentrating on HD content so will we.

This has a total of 39 video tests which is increased from 23 in the original and the scoring is also up from a total of 130 to 210. As hardware and software gets more complicated, the software has been tuned to make sure we can thoroughly maximise our analysis.

AMD HD5830
Zotac GTX460 AMP!
Dial with static pattern 5 5
Gray Bars 5 5
Violin 5 5
Stadium 2:2 5 5
Stadium 3:2 5 5
Horizontal Text Scroll 5 3
Vertical Text Scroll 5 5
Transition to 3:2 Lock 5 5
Transition to 2:2 Lock 0 5
2:2:2:4 24 FPS DVCAM Video
5 5
2:3:3:2 24 FPS DVCam Video
5 5
3:2:3:2:2 24 FOS Vari-Speed
5 5
5:5 FPS Animation
5 5
6:4 12 FPS Animation
5 5
8:7 8 FPS Animation
5 5
Interlace Chroma Problem (ICP)
5 5
Chroma Upsampling Error (CUE)
5 5
Random Noise: Sailboat
5 5
Random Noise: Flower
5 5
Random Noise: Sunrise
5 5
Random Noise: Harbour Night
5 5
Scrolling Text
5 3
Roller Coaster
5 3
Ferris Wheel
5 3
Bridge Traffic
5 3
Text Pattern/ Scrolling Text
5 3
Roller Coaster
5 3
Ferris Wheel
5 3
Bridge Traffic
5 3
Luminance Frequency Bands
5 5
Chrominance Frequency Bands
5 5
Vanishing Text 5 5
Resolution Enhancement
15 15
Theme Park
5 5
Driftwood 2 5
Ferris Wheel
5 3
Skin Tones
7 3
Total 193 177

When we released our original HQV 2.0 Analysis weeks ago we mentioned that nVidia would be starting to enhance their drivers for media settings and we are pleased to report that we documented improvements with the Vertical text scrolling aspect of the HQV analysis. The GTX 460 is equal to the GTX 480 in regards to IQ, and due to the much lower power drain and size the GTX 460 is going to be a fantastic media board. nVidia still have a way to go to catch ATI but they are already making progress with the new drivers.

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  1. ah very nice indeed, seems like a good performance indeed.

  2. Cant be bad to the pricing really, only $20 more than the reference 1GB version? like it

  3. Seems like a good deal all round really considering – seems a bit hotter than most.

  4. GTX460 is hard to beat right now, cheaper than HD5850 and close in performance 🙂

  5. Very good card, and the pricing is excellent, was expecting it to be at least 50 bucks more.

  6. I was pleasanty surprised to see the results. but the 460s are really good, I am sure they are selling tons of these now.

  7. I like the colours, which sounds gay, but the orange fan and blackish PCB look well together. Good board, but There are so many video card reviews on tech sites now, they are all much of a bleh to me 🙂 the three screen sapphire one was cool last week.

  8. Tommy Cruicshanks

    The 460 deserves to sell well, they are good cards. they are a little power happy now though I see – around 190 watts. thats a lot of juice.

  9. these would be great in SLI.

  10. When are they available ? would be good to know release dates.

  11. I would say this will sell well, considering the pricing on it. thats a hell of an overclock.

  12. Has to be the fastest 460 on the market, without question.

  13. wonder when the 450 is out, that should be good if they use similar technology.

  14. Good review. amazing what you can buy in 2010 compared to 2007, for the same money. I think I paid teh same for my crappy GTS250.

  15. Zardon, this must have been hard to write you are such an ati fanboy 🙂

  16. Cant believe how small these cards are compared to the power they put out.

  17. Well my comment seemed to vanish weirdly, but ill try again. (hate this code system for entering responses btw!).

    Good review, but my main worry is with ATI releasing a new line soon this will be quickly outdated.

  18. Good review, enjoyed it. one question. how hot does it get?

  19. SkyDiver there is a page on temperatures near the end, have a look properly and see 🙂

  20. Sniper Elite Headshot

    I think the MSI card you reviewed last week looks nicer. this is quite an ugly looking card.

  21. We need new cards im bored of all these already ! ATi get the new series out !

  22. We need new ATI boards. the GTX460 is a great card but its really quite boring, we need new tech 🙂 480/470/465/460 —- snore.

  23. Seems to be a really solid performer especially with such high overclocks. I wonder why they offer lifetime warranty in USA but only years in europe ?

  24. Just wanted to pop on and say nice site, found it today, bookmarked.

  25. Very good card from zotac, the fan looks very like the reference one.

  26. Here is the fastest GTX460 card out there:

  27. if they got the card down to 200 inc vat it would dominate sales.

  28. the biggest issue i have with zotac is supply. they are always very poor in the regions around me. need to order them in internationally.

  29. Good photos, the card is very attractive looking, not often we see manufacturers making good looking cards. I like the sapphire hd5670 ultimate, something really impressive looking about it.

  30. The last card I bought from zotac died and it took me 2 months to get it replaced. no thanks.

  31. well balanced and quiet by design, seems like a good combination. temps look a bit high to me.