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Western Digital to abandon ‘Green’ brand in favour of ‘Blue’ HDDs

Western Digital Corp. plans to unify its Green and Blue product lineups. The move will help the company to increase its profit margins. For end-users, the unification of low-cost HDD brands could mean increased performance of affordable hard disk drives.

Western Digital is set to unify its Green and Blue families of hard disk drives under the “Blue” brand, reports PC Watch. WD Blue HDDs will be aimed at mainstream personal computers, WD Black will be designed for high-end desktops and workstations, whereas WD Red will focus on network attached storage systems.


WD’s Green hard disk drives have variable RPM [revolutions per minute] performance, whereas WD Blue feature 5400 or 7400 RPM. It is unclear whether new HDDs will all feature variable RPM, or will stick to 5400 RPM, leaving 7200 PRM to the WD Black series.

For a limited period of time current WD Green HDDs will be sold under WD Blue brand, but with different product numbers.


WD reportedly claims that the unification is made to simplify HDD choice by consumers.

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KitGuru Says: In fact, cancellation of a low-cost hard drives brand makes sense for Western Digital from business standpoint. Increasing price of HDDs by $5 – $10 – a sum that many retail customers will never notice – will help the company to increase its revenues and margins. Any increase in revenue automatically means increase in research and development spending, which means additional performance and capacity.

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  • Graph

    We all know blues run cooler and greens are energy efficient 🙂

  • Tyrann

    How about WD comes out with a real SSD and not a hybrid one. Need more serious players to drive prices down.

  • Nikolas Karampelas

    the choice is simple already, go for the blacks 😉

  • Troy Smith

    what do you mean “serious players” the market is flooded with different ssd. samsung, adata, corsair, crucial intel kingston, ocz and sandisk

  • Rosemary Snow

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  • Tyrann

    Yet everyone gets a Samsung. Intel and crucial are behind yet quite good for reliability and budget respectively. The rest are way behind.

  • My god, that should be WD’s new marketing slogan. “Once you go Black, you never go back.”