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Memblaze unveils the PBlaze5 520 Series NVMe SSD

Memblaze has announced its PBlaze5 520 Series NVMe SSDs, promising enterprise level performance, 96-layer 3D NAND and a significant reduction in power usage.  One of Memblaze’s focuses with the new PBlaze5 520 series is to bring down the power consumption. The new SSDs have a typical power consumption of 9W and …

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Pirate Party Iceland support holds strong in election lead up

Just a few months after noting how well the Pirate Party was polling in Iceland, it’s really looking like we may close out the year with the first Pirate majority government. Following the recent resignation of the Icelandic Prime Minister, the Pirate Party continues to poll well, with now more than …

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Eiffel Tower becomes energy self-sufficient

The Eiffel Tower is one of the world’s great landmarks and yet, like any other popular tourist destination and skyline attention grabber, it requires a lot of lighting and other systems that use a lot of power throughout the year. However now the French icon has become almost entirely energy self-sufficient, thanks …

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Apple acquires $848m stake in Solar power plant


As part of his keynote address to the Goldman Sachs conference, Tim Cook has announced that Apple has purchased an $848m stake in a new solar plant, to be built in Monterey County, California by First Solar. For its stake in the new plant it will get 130 of the total 230 …

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Dell to make PCs of plastics obtained from recycled electronics

Dell this week announced two new eco-friendly initiatives that should significantly reduce the impact that manufacturing of personal computers have on the environment. Next month Dell will offer a line of all-in-one PCs made entirely of plastics obtained from recycled electronics. In addition, Dell will use the so-called carbon-negative packaging …

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ISP’s call out useless site blocks

The US is playing world police again and leaning on Switzerland this time to crack down on its high levels of piracy. However, not everyone is cool with that this time around, as local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have been standing up and protesting the proposed site blocks. “The United …

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Pirate Bay’s power footprint is equivalent to vacuum cleaner

TPB Green

Since moving to the cloud last week and ditching its servers altogether, The Pirate Bay has reduced its power requirements to that of the average vacuum cleaner, according to the sites current unnamed staff – who presumably aren’t the founders, who’ve been tangling with the Swedish court system for the past few …

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TonidoPlug 2 Small Home Server Review

Media and enthusiast-servers are growing in popularity as more people realise the benefits within a home environment; after all numerous computer systems, tablets, televisions and phones can be utilised in accessing media files. Media servers allow people to have media stored in one area which can then be streamed to …

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Logica sees logic in largescale job loses

When a multi-billion dollar organisation wants to update its systems and see how it could be doing business better, then Dutch-Brit tech specialist Logica, might have been one of their first phone calls. Now it seems that Logica’s high-powered analytical skills have been focused inwards. Result? Major job loses. KitGuru …

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