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CalDigit AV Pro 2 3TB external drive (USB 3/USB C)

The build quality of the AV Pro2 is first rate with good quality aluminium used in its construction. Being aluminium, the whole chassis is one big heatsink and to that end, the sides of the unit have channels cut into them to aid in cooling.

The bottom of the chassis has four rubber feet but if you want to save save space and use the drive standing on its side, you can use the bundled drive stand for extra stability.


Apart from the drive bay door, the only other thing on the front of the drive is the power button/drive access LED which glows green when active.

The rear panel is home to all the USB ports that the drive supports. There are four in all; single USB 3.1 Type-C, USB 3.0 Micro B and a pair of USB 3.0 ports that connect to the USB hub. As well as the aluminium chassis acting as one large heatsink there is also a small smart fan housed in the rear panel to help keep the drive cool.

Accessing the hard drive of the AV Pro 2 is straightforward enough (as long as you don’t lose the keys). The drive bay door has a small hexagonal lock which is unlocked with one of the two keys. Once this is unlocked, the drive door is released by using the second, pin key in the small pin release hole next to the hexagonal lock.

Our review sample AV Pro 2 came with a 3TB Toshiba (DTO1ACA300) drive installed. This drive uses three 1TB platters (discs), has a spin speed of 7,200 rpm and a 64MB cache.

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