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Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro CPU Cooler Review

The installation guide that Be Quiet! include with the Dark Rock Pro isn’t the most simple we’ve ever seen but it is far from the worst. Unfortunately the mounting system that Be Quiet! have used for the cooler is quite complicated and makes installation a much more long winded and frustrating process than you’ll have with a Noctua cooler.

First of all, we must locate the appropriate holes on the cooler backplate for the socket type of the motherboard. We used a Crosshair V Formula motherboard for our tests which uses the AM3+ socket type. There are mounting accessories provided for all recent socket types for both Intel and AMD systems. More specifically, the cooler supports Intel LGA1366, LGA1156, LGA1155 and LGA775 and AMD Socket AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, 939 and 940.

Once we’ve identified the correct holes in the backplate, we must push the four screws through it and secure it to the motherboard using the four rubber washers provided.

Next we must attach the appropriate brackets to the CPU block of the cooler using the four provided screws. Then we have to apply the TIM to the CPU. For our tests we are using Arctic Cooling MX-3 thermal compound rather than the one that Be Quiet! provide.

Next comes the most difficult part of the installation process, screwing down the CPU cooler. This has to be done from the underside of the motherboard, securing the screws into the cooler. This could be very awkward to do if the motherboard is already installed in a case as you have to hold the CPU cooler in place while you screw it in from the other side. With the motherboard removed from the system, the easiest way to do this is to place the CPU Cooler and motherboard upside down which allows you to hold it all in place from the reverse side of the motherboard.

Please bear in mind that this cooler is very large and will almost certainly infringe over the RAM slots on your motherboard. We would recommend using low profile RAM with this cooler as otherwise, you cannot use all the memory slots and you may have to move the fan upwards to make way for tall heatspreaders.

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