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Thermaltake ToughRAM RGB 4600MHz Review

Thermaltake emphasises the huge 4600MHz clock speed of this ToughRAM RGB memory with claims of ‘outstanding gaming performance', however we have to disagree as this is not borne out by our testing.

There are certainly times that memory can impact performance such as 7-Zip Compressing, however the clock speed of the memory is only part of the equation so choosing 4600MHz over, say, 4400MHz or 4000MHz may well prove to be a short sighted decision.

Thermaltake's other claim is that ToughRAM RGB delivers ‘stunning RGB lighting' and here again we have to disagree. We have seen a number of Thermaltake products with impressive RGB but to our eyes, the lighting in this DDR4 kit is merely average.

We can fully understand that less sophisticated customers will be tempted by the headline 4600MHz speed of this ToughRAM RGB kit and hey, the price looks reasonable. Balanced against that we are confident the KitGuru audience will see the 4600MHz figure delivers performance that is merely average and once you remove that from the equation you have DDR4 with medium height heat spreaders and a pleasant aesthetic but potentially not much more besides.

If you decide you like the look of Thermaltake ToughRAM RGB and fancy having a set inside your PC we wouldn't argue strongly against your choice, but based on raw performance there are better options out there.

You can buy the Thermaltake 16GB ToughRAM RGB 4600MHz for £157 HERE.


  • Pleasant aesthetics.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Heat spreader is low enough to fit inside most PCs.


  • Headline 4600MHz clock speed yields few tangible benefits.
  • RGB lighting is subjectively unimpressive.
  • 1.5V setting for XMP 2.0 seems uncomfortably high.

KitGuru Says: When it comes to DDR4 memory, clock speed is only part of the equation. Not to say ToughRAM performs badly, but you may well be better served with a kit that has tighter timings.

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Rating: 7.0.

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