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CES 2019: Briony checks out the new Razer monitor, case, RTX Blade laptops and more

Razer has been keeping us very busy this week, with several big announcements coming out of CES this year. Today, Briony visits the Razer suite in Vegas to take a closer look at the new laptops, Razer's first gaming monitor, Razer's first PC case and more. 

Earlier in the week, we gave full rundowns on Razer's new Haptic Feedback ecosystem for peripherals, the all-new RTX-powered Razer Blade laptops and Razer's very own gaming monitor.

What we didn't see earlier in the week however, was the new Razer Turret for Xbox One. Back in November, Microsoft announced that mouse and keyboard support would be coming to the console, with Razer signing on to be the ‘launch partner' for this initiative. As a direct result, the new Razer Turret was born, built to be used wirelessly on your lap, with a mechanical keyboard and pop-out mouse pad for gaming in the living room. Pricing is up there though, with this expected to launch at the $249.99 price point.

The Razer Tomahawk and its higher-end ‘Elite' version are another big announcement that we missed earlier in the week. Razer has teamed up with third-party case makers in the past to deliver ‘designed by Razer' cases, but the Tomahawk is the first one to be made by the company from scratch. It sports a mid-tower form factor with a minimalist design. You get ATX motherboard support and Chroma RGB lighting throughout, in addition to the Razer logo on the front panel.

The Tomahawk Elite is the flagship version and is designed around high-end builds. You get tempered glass panels on both sides, an inverted motherboard tray to optimise GPU placement for better ventilation and support for custom liquid cooling gear. Razer has worked with EKWB specifically to make sure that the chassis is a good fit for certain liquid cooling hardware.

Unfortunately, pricing and availability aren't confirmed just yet. In the meantime though, Razer does have another ‘Designed By Razer' case partnership to announce. This time around, Razer has teamed up with Lian-Li to give the O11 case a Razer makeover with an all-black design, Razer logo and Chroma RGB lighting. The O11 Dynamic will be launching in Q2 or Q3 this year for $169.99.

KitGuru Says: There was a lot of good stuff to see from Razer this year. I'm particularly excited to see HyperSense make its way to more peripherals. What do you guys make of Razer's latest announcements? Is there anything here that you'll be keeping an eye on?

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