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CES 2019: Corsair showcases new hardware, peripherals and streaming gear

Today at CES, Briony had the chance to swing by the Corsair booth to get additional details on newly announced hardware. This includes the new Elgato gear for content creators, Slipstream wireless peripherals and the new Corsair One PCs, which now come with Core i9 and RTX 2080Ti options. 

As we saw earlier in the week, Slipstream is Corsair's new wireless peripheral technology. It improves on previous tech in numerous ways, reducing latency to 0.5ms. Meanwhile ‘intelligent frequency shift' will allow peripherals to switch wireless frequency bands seamlessly to ensure that your mouse, keyboard or headset is always on the fastest connection available at any given point. Finally, the ‘Smart Protocol Layer' adds extra reliability be introducing packet retransmission, so if there is a wireless hiccup at any point, there is redundancy in place to ensure a seamless experience. Slipstream also comes with the benefit of longer wireless distance, so you could theoretically be up to 20 meters away from your PC and still maintain functionality with these wireless peripherals.

Slipstream has debuted in the Corsair Harpoon Wireless and Corsair Ironclaw, with a new Corsair M65 RGB Elite also coming soon. By Q3 this year, Slipstream wireless will be available across the board in keyboards, mice and headsets.

Corsair acquired Elgato last year and the company has wasted no time when it comes to getting new products out. This week, we've seen the new Streamdeck, Keylight, Screenlink and Thunderbolt 3 dock announced. 

The Corsair One has been around for a couple of years now and these week, we saw the most powerful version yet. The Corsair One Pro i180 takes things a step further by adding in options for Core i9 processors and up to an RTX 2080Ti graphics card- all while keeping the same tiny chassis.

The last bit of information we have for CORSAIR this week is the launch of Capellix, a new RGB lighting system that will be debuting in RAM modules this year. With Capellix, RGB lights can be connected directly without the need for an additional PCB layer, this also means that Corsair can cram more LEDs into a smaller space, paving the way for brighter, more fluent RGB lighting.

KitGuru Says: There was lots to check out at the Corsair booth this year. We'll be looking forward to seeing more over the course of 2019. 

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