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CES 2020: Patriot shows off its SSDs and peripherals

Today at CES Luke and Leo visited Patriot, where we got a look at some new peripherals as well as a load of SSDs, which opened up an interesting discussion from Leo- what can we expect from next-gen SSD tech?

Patriot has released plenty of decent gaming peripherals over the years and in 2020, we'll be seeing an update in the headset space. The new Viper V380 gaming headset packs in virtual 7.1 surround sound audio, electronic noise cancellation for the microphone, Hi-Fi grade 53mm Neodymium drivers and RGB lighting on the ear cups.

Moving on from there, we have a bunch of SSDs to take a look at. Some of these first appeared last year, like the VP4100 and the VPN100, while others are brand new. We even get a sneak peek at some of the ‘next-gen' SSDs that Patriot is working on.

Starting off at the top, the VP4100, which we've reviewed previously. This is a PCIe Gen4 SSD with a Phison E16 controller, so speeds are incredibly fast, topping out at 5,000MB/s sequential read and 4,400MB/s sequential write speeds. Extra features include an external thermal sensor, low-profile heat shield and a 5-year warranty.

The VPN100 is also making a return from last year. This is a PCIe Gen3 M.2 SSD with a Phison E12 controller, so speeds aren't as fast but the trade off is a much lower price point. You can expect up to 3,450MB/s sequential read speeds and up to 3,000MB/s sequential write speeds. You can find more in our full review HERE.

The VPR100 is a similar SSD but it has a much sleeker look and benefits from RGB LEDs. It is based on some of the same tech as the VPN100, so expect a Phison E12 controller and NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 interface, but speeds aren't quite as high, topping out at 3,300MB/s sequential read speeds and 2,900MB/s sequential write speeds.

The Patriot P300 is a brand new SSD and is intended to sit in the mid-tier PCIe Gen 3×4 NVMe market. It will offer 25 percent higher transfer speeds and IOPs compared to PCIe 3×2 solutions, all while sticking to the M.2 form factor for easy installation in desktops and laptops.

The Patriot P210 and P220 are both next-gen 2.5″ SSDs. The P210 uses a 2259 Next Gen controller and features static and dynamic wear levelling, while the P220 is an extension of the Patriot Burst SSD lineup. The P210 is being developed to be a cost effective SSD with capacities up to 2TB, while the P220 will use the Phison S12 controller and can utilise both TLC and QLC NAND. The P220 will come in capacities up to 4TB.

The Patriot EVLVR 2 is a next-gen Thunderbolt 3 external SSD with sequential read/write speeds of up to 2850MB/s and 2600MB/s respectively. The Patriot PXD will be a cheaper alternative, offering external SSD speeds of up to 1000MB/s sequential read and 1000MB/s sequential write speeds.

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KitGuru Says: Patriot certainly wasn't short on SSDs this year! What do you all think of the latest launches from Patriot? Beyond that, what do you expect from a ‘next gen' SSD? 

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