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Overclockers UK, Caseking plan to exclusively sell 3.40GHz DDR4

Overclockers UK on Wednesday announced that it will exclusively sell Avexir Platinum DDR4 memory modules in the U.K. Caseking will exclusively sell such memory modules in mainland Europe. While initially the companies will offer rather moderate 2.40GHz DDR4 memory solutions, eventually they promise to bring modules with up to 3.40GHz clock-rates.

The Avexir Platinum 4GB and 8GB DDR4 memory modules feature 2.40GHz clock-rate, CL16 16-16-39 timings and 1.2V voltage setting. According to Overclockers UK, the Avexir DDR4 memory modules, which are available for pre-order online, will offer one of the best bang for buck. The modules are designed for Intel Core i7 Extreme “Haswell-E” processors and the X99 high-end desktop (HEDT) platform.


The online store also said that premium Avexir Blitz DDR 4 memory with signature LED lighting would also debut shortly from now. Such memory modules will feature up to 3.40GHz clock-rates, which is a good news for overclockers.

The Avexir range will only be available to purchase from Overclockers UK for the U.K. and Caseking for the rest of Europe.

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KitGuru Says: While Avexir Platinum DDR4 modules are probably cost-efficient options for those, who plan to build systems powered by Intel Core i7-5000-series “Haswell-E” processors and do not really intend to overclock them, the Avexir Blitz DDR4 modules with up to 3.40GHz frequency promise to become awesome choices for enthusiasts seeking for maximum overclocking potential.

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