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G.Skill launch AMD-Optimised Trident Z RGB memory

G.Skill pushed its Trident Z memory into the RGB world last year, shrouding a beautiful upward-pointing light strip surrounded by a metal heatsink to keep it cool. Ryzen users need not be jealous any longer, as G.Skill has released AMD compatible Trident Z RGB kits that range up to 3200MHz.

G.Skill has opened up its incredibly popular Trident Z memory to Ryzen and Threadripper platforms by offering 8GB and 16GB sticks in 2s, 4s or 8s, resulting in combinations of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB for your AMD system.

The massive 128GB kit will be capped at 2933MHz, but 16GB and 32GB kits can push all the way up to 3200MHz. Unfortunately, this isn't as fast as the 4600MHz kit released for Intel's X299 motherboards shown two weeks ago, however the AMD-optimised set does have RGB that brilliantly balances speed and system aesthetic.

The timings and voltage can vary between kits, as seen in the picture above, as G.Skill has a lot of offerings on the table for AMD systems this time around. For those worried about confusion between the previous and current kits, the new AMD-optimised Trident Z RGB kits are marked with an X at the end of its model numbers.

KitGuru Says: I absolutely love the Trident Z style of RAM and think it is the perfect balance between professional and RGB. It’s good to see availability in the AMD market now that Ryzen is out and making waves. Do you plan on getting Trident Z RAM? What do you think of what G.Skill has to offer?

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