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G.Skill offer extreme 4600MHz kit for Intel X299 motherboards

In the run up to AMD’s Threadripper launch, G.Skill released extreme RAM kits in preparation. Continuing this trend in the wake of Intel’s X299 platform, the memory manufacturer has more sets on the way, this time pushing the limits to an insane 4600MHz.

Whereas such speeds were once only achievable through extreme overclocking with the use of liquid nitrogen, the new Trident Z DDR4-4600MHz CL19 is possible through utilising the X299’s extreme speed dual-channel memory operation.

G.Skill offer its DDR4-4600MHz in silver with a white accent and black with a black accent variations, coming in 16GB (8GBx2). Its timings are set to 19-23-23-43 requiring a relatively high 1.5V, but this is to be expected with such high-end kit.

It’s worth noting that while the X299 platform offers a lot in terms of enthusiast-level hardware and speeds, some motherboards still have off the shelf limitations that state lower than that which G.Skill is offering here, but mostly all of the boards have the potential to push pass that stated limit.

The new kit is designed to work with Intel XMP 2.0 with availability at the end of September from selected retailers. Pricing is yet to be confirmed, however expect high for high-end equipment, of course.

KitGuru Says: I am constantly impressed with G.Skill’s balance between looks and performance. I’m actually still eyeing up its RGB offering. What do you think about the new Trident Z kits? Does the X299 platform interest you?

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