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Kingston HyperX Beast 2400 MHz Black PCB Overview

Only our most eagle-eyed readers will be able to tell the difference between this latest kit of Kingston’s HyperX Beast memory and the one we reviewed back in December here.

While the performance credentials of the two kits are identical, Kingston have added the option of a black PCB to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the HyperX series. We imagine that the meticulous enthusiasts out there who would go to the end of the earth to colour co-ordinate their systems will love this option.

Kingston were kind enough to send us one of these new memory kits so we’ve taken a few photographs so that you can have a close up view and see how they look.  We have also included some photos from the original article for comparison purposes.

For a technical overview of the modules and an insight into their performance, check out our review over HERE.


Kit Guru says: It’s great to see Kingston diversifying their product range with some different aesthetic designs.

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