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ADATA XPG V2 2800MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review


ADATA ships the memory in a simple clamshell package. The kit does not feature any kind of cooling fan as we have seen offered by high-speed sets from the likes of G.Skill.

Memory-1 Memory-2

The ADATA XPG V2 memory modules are covered by a uniquely-shaped, gold heatsink that is designed to transfer heat away from the memory chips, and add an attractive touch to the modules. With Asus’ range of Z87 motherboards utilising gold heatsinks, matching the XPG V2 memory with other components is a possibility.

Giving a capacity of four gigabytes per DIMM for our 8GB kit, eight memory chips are situated on one side of the PCB, with a spacer occupying the other.

Memory-3 Memory-4

Measuring in at a maximum of 43mm-tall, the gold heatsink of ADATA’s XPG V2 memory modules features a finned design that is intended to distribute heat away from the PCB and chips. The heatsink is made of two separate parts which are then united by virtue of their mounting locations and a small clip.

As well as the gold kit that we received, ADATA’s XPG V2 memory is also available with a tungsten grey-coloured heatsink.


ADATA puts its brand name and the XPG product logo on either side of the memory modules’ black PCBs. The XPG V2 memory kit on show today operates at a DRAM frequency of 2800MHz with timings of 12-14-14-36.

If required, each heatsink can be removed with relative ease, allowing the black PCB to exist in a less-interfering form factor.


The ADATA XPG V2 memory kit’s appearance is well-suited to a motherboard with a similar colour scheme, such as Asus’ Z87-K or ASRock’s Z87 OC Formula, but other shades used on the board’s slots are likely to cause an awkward mismatch.

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