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Avexir Core Extreme 3000MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review


Avexir ships the memory in a simple clamshell package. The kit does not feature any kind of cooling fan as we have seen offered by competing sets from the likes of G.Skill.


The Avexir Core Extreme Series 3000MHz memory modules are covered by a low-profile black heatsink. Avexir has chosen to use a black PCB – a decision which we are very happy to see.

Giving a capacity of four gigabytes per DIMM, eight memory chips are situated on one side of the PCB, with a spacer occupying the other.

Note: Ignore the scratches on each memory stick. They are present as we got a review sample from the channel. Brand new modules will not feature any aesthetic imperfections.


An LED sits beneath the heatsink's upper edge and spans the DIMM's entire length. The available LED colours will be orange, red, yellow, green, and blue.


There is no denying that the Avexir Core Extreme Series memory modules look very attractive when installed in a largely-black motherboard.

With the modules' maximum height of 37mm (around 7mm taller than a ‘standard' DIMM), CPU cooler interference is unlikely to be an issue.


With eight cut-outs placed in a symmetrical orientation, as well as a gap for Avexir's logo, the pulsing orange (for this kit) light is able to shine through each heatsink with varying intensity. The display is very eye-catching, especially when partnered with the correct motherboard (think Gigabyte Z87X-OC).

On the other hand, for those who aren't fans of flashy lights, the LEDs will do little more than serve as an annoyance. There doesn't seem to be an option for a kit without LEDs, but we think Avexir would be wise to manufacture one in the future.

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