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Avexir Core Extreme 3000MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review

We are using the Asus Maximus VI Extreme Z87 motherboard to test today's memory kit. It supports RAM from many manufacturers and gives us a large amount of flexibility to tinker with memory multiplier, base clock and timings settings. It also features Asus' second generation T-Topology which may assist in reaching higher DRAM frequencies.

Our full review of the Asus Maximus VI Extreme motherboard can be read here.

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With the Asus Maximus VI Extreme motherboard, the memory modules were a little reluctant to POST, at first. We installed one module at a time without problems, before inserting both memory sticks and achieving a POST without issues. From there onwards, configuration was as simple as clicking the XMP setting.

The fully-functioning XMP profile configured the memory kit for use at its 3,000MHz frequency and correct timings. The profile made use of a 102.3MHz base clock and the 100:133 BCLK:DRAM frequency ratio, as well as a memory divider of 22x.

Given that Haswell supports a maximum memory frequency of 2933MHz on the 100MHz base clock strap, Avexir had little choice but to overclock the BCLK to reach a 3000MHz DRAM speed. The company could have opted to use the 1.25x CPU strap, 100:133 BCLK:DRAM frequency ratio, and 18x memory multiplier, but this has the potential to cause a greater number of problems than a simple 2.3MHz increase in the base clock.


Windows and CPU-Z registered the memory's functioning settings as correct.


Our system's CPU-Z validation running at a 3000MHz DRAM frequency can be found here.

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