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Crucial Ballistix Elite, Sport & Tactical 16GB DDR4 Memory Group Test

Last updated on April 22nd, 2016 at 03:50 pm

We had a few motherboards at hand in the KitGuru labs to mix and match the Crucial memory kits with: the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming, the Gigabyte Z170 Gaming K3 and the MSI Z170A Tomahawk. All three motherboards use a red and black theme but with levels of white, silver and grey highlights, as well as varying shades of red.

Crucial’s Ballistix Elite modules look very clean in all motherboards when installed thanks to the matte black design of the PCB and heatsink. The rugged chunky look to the top of the modules, contrasted by the white branding does well to make the Ballistix Elite standout. Depending on the orientation of the case some users may find the stickers on the modules to ruin the aesthetic, arguably these would be better placed on the opposing side to where they are currently to hide them better.

Nonetheless, users could remove these to fine tune the aesthetic. At 40mm tall the Elite modules are the tallest of the Ballistix range and thus most likely to cause interference with CPU coolers.

Crucial_Ballistix_DDR4_Review (9) Crucial_Ballistix_DDR4_Review (11) Crucial_Ballistix_DDR4_Review (14)

The Ballistix Tactical seem to fit the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming a little better than the other boards due to numerous grey elements like the SATA ports, power connectors and VRM phases, but the subtle grey will correspond reasonably well with any mainly-black or dark-themed Z170 motherboard.

The Tactical modules are a little higher than standard profile RAM, sitting at 37mm tall so like with the Ballistix Elite prospective buyers would be wise to investigate available memory clearance with their desired CPU cooler before purchasing.

Crucial_Ballistix_DDR4_Review (8) Crucial_Ballistix_DDR4_Review (12) Crucial_Ballistix_DDR4_Review (15)

Ballistix Sport are the most compact modules of the bunch so shouldn’t pose any issues to CPU cooler compatibility for prospective buyers.

Like Ballistix Tactical, grey is the predominant colour but with some extra reflective strips along the top and bottom that should enhance the system aesthetics for anyone using LED strips or RGB lighting.

Crucial_Ballistix_DDR4_Review (10) Crucial_Ballistix_DDR4_Review (13) Crucial_Ballistix_DDR4_Review (16)

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