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Gigabyte’s Nigel Sutch chats with KitGuru at Computex

Founded in 1986, Gigabyte is one of the Taiwan Top 20 Global Brands, with a company motto that suggests you ‘Upgrade your life'. With four new ranges of boards coming into the market, we wanted to make sure we got a complete tour. Enter Nigel Sutch, regional sales and marketing guru for the technology giant. 

Even from the 36th floor of Taipei's famous 101 story building (of the same name), cars and people look like minute toys below.
Perfect environment to show off a ton of new products if you're hoping they will be head and shoulders above the competition.


Nigel spent time going through the Ultra Durable, Black Edition and peak performance products. We'll start with the most reliable.

So which CPU markets do they cover?  Nigel explained, “As you would expect, the Ultra Durable range of Z97 chipset boards will support both 4th and 5th generation Intel Core processors. There's plenty of connectivity on offer as well, with 10Gb/sec data transfer and Thunderbolt 2”.

So what makes then ‘Ultra Durable'?

“As well as the 2x copper PCB board design, we also use Nippon Chemi-Con and Nichicon capacitors that are rated for 10,000 hours use”, Nigel told us. “We're also using 5 times more gold on the CPU contacts, to minimise bad contacts and corrosion – which is important for long life and reliable use”.


It's one thing to include a load of features, but how can you be certain you're getting the right result.

“Testing is everything with our Black Edition mainboards”, Nigel told us. “Each one is tested for 168 hours to the same performance and reliability levels we demand from our mission critical server products”.

“Naturally, you'll also get support for Gigabyte's exciting new Cloud innovations”, he added. Good to know.

Finally, for this part of our coverage on Gigabyte, here's a shot of Nigel holding a board designed for setting records (more on that soon), surrounded by Taiwanese CosPlay beauties.


KitGuru says: Gigabyte motherboards are in a strong position this year – we just need the new Intel processors now for those upcoming system builds!

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