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ASRock Z68M-ITX/HT Mini-ITX Motherboard Review

Rating: 7.5.

ASRock have worked hard in the last year to compete with the big players such as ASUS and Gigabyte in the enthusiast sector.  Products like the 990FX Fatal1ty motherboard that we looked at a few months back show just how far they have come and how they can now compete with the big boys.

Today we are going to look at a motherboard from the other end of the ASRock range, the Z68M-ITX/HT motherboard, which occupies the increasingly popular Mini-ITX form factor.  This makes it ideal for use in environments where space is restricted, mainly in small form factor and home theatre PC systems.

Despite having to cram all of the components into a small space, ASRock haven’t compromised very much on features with the Z68M-ITX/HT, giving you the potential to build a very powerful system around this motherboard should you wish.

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  • Frankss

    Decent board for the money.

  • David Reilly

    ASROIck boards are good, but their bioses are still behind ASUS IMO. my friend bought a Z68 board from ASUS and sometimes the voltage doesnt hold right.

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