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ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 Review

This year we have seen ASRock launch an attack on the high end market with a steady stream of quality motherboards for both AMD and Intel platforms. I use several of their boards myself at home and have found them to be very reliable and extremely straightforward to overclock. Today …

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Intel to kill P chipset in January

Sources in the Swindon area are telling us that Intel’s had enough of the ‘P’ chipset for Sandy Bridge and will be canning it around January – just in time for the launch of Ivy Bridge. The launch of the new ‘Z’ chipset was a bit of a surprise. With …

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ASrock announce Z68 chipset motherboards

Tick-tock, tick-tock, one generation, the next generation! The much-anticipated Intel Z68 platform will join the party in late Q2 2011; the new generation brings all major advances over the previous platforms. In the past, if users were looking for extreme overclocking, it’s P67. If users needed integrated graphics, then it’s …

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B3 chipset lands in CeBIT 2011

Growing up in the cold war meant that B1 and B2 conjured up images of supersonic bombers capable of delivering both nuclear and conventional payloads, great distances. At CeBIT 2011, the characters ‘B’ and ‘3’ combined to make something altogether more attractive. KitGuru puts down the mustard and investigates. No …

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