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Gigabyte announces new A88X series motherboards

Gigabyte has today announced a new series of motherboards known as the A88X line, all of which will support both current-generation FM2 Trinity and Richland AMD APUs and the newer FM2+ form factor Keveri chips. This range will expand upon the already debuted, AMD G-1 Sniper board which we showed off a couple of days ago.

Like the G-1 Sniper, the new A88X series will feature advanced audio features including AMP-Up audio and replaceable OP-AMPS, allowing for a more customised audio experience. On top of that, all of them will have a UEFI DualBIOS system for some redundancy in-case that overclock goes awry, full digital power delivery and out-the-box triple display support.


Other expected features for the line include (with an FM2+ APU): 8 GT/s PCI express 3.0 and DX 11.1 support and native 4K resolution display handling over HDMI and displayport.

Announced board names/numbers so far include: G1. Sniper A88X, F2A88X-UP4, F2A88X-D2H, F2A88X-HD3, F2A88X-D3H, F2A85XM-DS2 and F2A88XM0HD3.

KitGuru Says: AMD hasn’t exactly been the darling of enthusiasts and gamers over the past few years. Does the new line up of FM2+ APUs make it more of a consideration for you guys or are you still Intel all the way?

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