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Five ASUS X670E Motherboards – The Roundup!

System Power Consumption

Power draw from the ROG STRIX X670E-F Gaming WiFi is a little lower than the Gigabyte and MSI comparisons that we use. That’s for test system wall power consumption, I should add, as package power readings tended to be a little high on ASUS.

The 90C Temperature Target PBO Enhancement mode is impressive.

Running the chip with cooler, optimised voltages allowed the package power to be reduced by a little over 10W whilst also resulting in 25-50MHz greater clock speeds. That’s a clear positive for ASUS’ easy-to-use Enhancement mode.

System Temperatures

VRM cooling on the ASUS X670E-F Gaming WiFi is solid. Big, chunky heatsinks and a massively oversized VRM make this an unsurprising result.

I can confidently say that I would have zero worries running even the overclocked Ryzen 9 7950X flagship CPU on any of these X670E ATX motherboards thanks to their hefty electrical VRM setups and solid metal heatsinks.

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