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Five ASUS X670E Motherboards – The Roundup!

Stock Clocks

Out-of-the-box clocks are around 5.1GHz, which is similar to other AM5 motherboards that we have tested with our Ryzen 9 7950X sample. As is also typical, the Ryzen 9 7950X didn’t quite use its full 230W package power allocation as the 95C temperature limit was hit first.

Clocks and Tweaking

ASUS has a cool feature built into the UEFI that allows users to set a CPU temperature target level whilst also running AMD’s Precision Boost Overdrive algorithm. In essence, this should allow voltage and frequency to be optimised, whilst also allowing the CPU to run cooler than the default 95C limit set by AMD.

Called PBO Enhancement, we ran this mode using the 90C temperature target setting to see how well it performed. You can read more details about the feature on ASUS' webpage HERE.

Clock speed was increased by around 25-50MHz on the Ryzen 9 7950X under all-core loading, yet the temperature levels of the chip dropped to 90C, which can have some CPU cooler fan curve benefits.

High clock speeds, but cooler running temperatures are positive; ASUS’ PBO Enhancement mode seems like a good idea, so we will put it to test to see how it does in benchmarks.

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