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MSI Z87M Gaming mATX Motherboard Review

Metro: Last Light takes place one year after the events of Metro 2033, proceeding from the ending where Artyom chose to call down the missile strike on the Dark Ones. The Rangers have since occupied the D6 military facility, with Artyom having become an official member of the group. Khan, the nomad mystic, arrives at D6 to inform Artyom and the Rangers that a single Dark One survived the missile strike.

4A Games’ proprietary 4A Engine is capable of rendering breathtaking vistas, such as those showing the ruined remnants of Moscow, as well as immersive indoor areas that play with light and shadow, creating hauntingly beautiful scenes akin to those from modern-day photos of Pripyat’s abandoned factories and schools.

We used a 1920 x 1080 resolution and the game’s built-in benchmark set to ‘High’ quality to offer an intense challenge for the gaming hardware while also making playable frame rates a possibility.


metro last light

Our Metro: Last Light results indicate an obscure performance preference towards ASRock’s Z87 Killer motherboard. The performance difference between each board of around 4% could be related to errors and inaccuracies in the game’s built-in benchmark. Noticeable rounding differences on our behalf do not play a part here.

More test data that we will gather over the coming weeks will give us a clearer indication as to what is going on in the Metro: Last Light benchmark. For now at least, this result should be interpreted with caution, which is relevant considering the tight grouping of data from the different games we tested.

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