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ASRock P55 Extreme4 Motherboard Review (1156)

To test the ASrock P55 Extreme4 today we are going to utilise a Core i5 750 at default speeds, then compare this to the automated ‘50% overclock’ bios setting which raises the CPU to 4ghz (from 2.66ghz). Remember, this board handles all the settings for you, so its a great value test for a potential customer who doesn’t want the hassle of tweaking a bios for hours to reach solid overclocked speeds.

We consider a 50% overclock to be an extremely impressive ‘out of the box’ setting. To achieve this however KitGuru recommend you use a good third party cooler rather than the reference Intel heatsink, so we have opted for the formidable, yet very affordable Thermaltake Frio, a recent award winner here.

The quad core Core i5 750 is only £160 inc vat now in the UK so it will be a perfect partner for the ASrock P55 Extreme4 which is due to retail for around the £125 price point.

Motherboard: ASRock P55 Extreme4 Motherboard (1.23 beta bios)
CPU: Intel Core i5 750 2.66ghz (default) // 4ghz (50% ASRock overclocked setting)
Memory: ADATA 4GB DDR3 2200mhz
PSU: Thermaltake XT775W
Chassis: Antec Dark Fleet DF 85
Graphics Card: HIS HD5870 iCooler V Turbo
Cooler: Thermaltake Frio
Thermal Paste: Noctua NT H1
Hard Drive: OCZ Agility 2 120GB SSD

Thermal Diodes
Digital Sound Level Noise Decibel Meter Style 2
Raytek Laser Temp Gun 3i LSRC/MT4 Mini Temp
Keithley Integra 2700

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
Catalyst 10.7
3DMark Vantage
PCMark Vantage
Super Pi
FRAPS Professional
SiSoftware Sandra 2010
Cinebench 11.5
KitGuru Photoshop Benchmark 1(4)
3D Studio Max 2011
Colin McRae Dirt 2
Alien V Predator
Crysis Warhead

All our results are gathered from five individual runs to analyze and remove any possible result abnormalities.

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