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Sapphire Pure Black X58 Motherboard Review – overclocking performance

There is no doubting that Sapphire are onto a winner with their Pure Black X58 motherboard. Performance throughout our testing was better than the excellent MSI X58 motherboard that we have incorporated into one of our high end test systems.

While the bundle isn’t the most comprehensive we have seen, the build quality of the board itself is excellent and no corners have been cut in regards to PCB design and layout. We particularly appreciate the fact that every connectivity option is included, from older PS/2 connections to the latest USB 3.0 and Sata 6Gbps interfaces.

Power regulation is first class, thanks in part to the new ‘Sapphire Diamond Chokes’ (patent pending) which helped us to push our Intel Core i7 980x Extreme Edition to a solid 4.5ghz on air. This is the highest stable overclock we have achieved with this particular processor. Japanese polymer solid capacitors with super low ESR and gold plated 15u-30u contacts are welcome additions to the mix.

With the release of the cost effective Intel Core i7 2500k and 2600k processors the mid range performance goal posts have been moved, but it is clear than an overclocked 980x is still far out of reach of anything on the market right now. It will be some time before Intel update their flagship range, so the Sapphire Pure Black X58 partnered up with a 970/980x in an overclocked state is one of the fastest systems money can buy. We are even more impressed that such an early preproduction board with a beta bios proved to be rock stable throughout our intensive stress testing and overclocking phase.

KitGuru says: For an ultimate performance system this board has proved to be right up there with the best of them.

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Rating: 9.0.

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