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EVGA rolls out an affordable B5 power supply series

EVGA has announced a new series of PC power supplies this week. The EVGA B5 follow the tradition of offering consumers a reliable, high performance and affordable solution designed to offer the maximum flexibility for system builders.

The new B5 power supply series from EVGA features a relatively small form factor with a small chassis covering all models. The overall length of the B5 power supply series is 150mm, meaning it will fit in even the tightest ATX PC cases, while still providing solid and reliable power delivery.

750W and 850W B5 power supplies are engineered using 100% Japanese capacitors for the highest levels of reliability in for many years, EVGA B5 650W and 550W models use a Japanese main capacitor. The B5 series is equipped with a 135mm FDB fan that becomes silent when in ECO mode during low to medium power loads.

EVGA claims the larger 135mm FDB fan has carefully tuned profiles to make it quieter during operation compared to the fan fitted to the company’s B3 power supply series. B5 power supplies from EVGA also feature an LLC Resonant design + DC to DC converter and are up to 89% efficient, taking them above 80 Plus Bronze requirement levels.

Additionally, the EVGA B5 series is manufactured to modern design standards which include ATX V2.52 for excellent performance and reliability. The series is backed by a 5-year warranty and includes a full suite of built-in protection such as Over-Current Protection, Over-Power Protection, Over-Temperature Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection and Under Voltage Protection.

The EVGA B5 power supply series is available to purchase from the EVGA online store now, with prices starting from $79.99 for the 550W version, up to $129.99 for the 850W model.

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KitGuru says: Although we usually recommend at least an 80 Plus Gold rated power supply in most situations, the B5 series from EVGA should offer an affordable and reliable solution for PC builders on a tight budget. What do you guys think of the new B5 power supply series from EVGA?

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