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Computex: FSP debuts water cooled Hydro series PSU and more

FSP is a name that KitGuru readers should recognise by now but if not, I am confident you will remember them after today. Last week during Computex, we swung by the FSP booth to check out what they had in store and amongst the usual coolers, fans and updated PSUs we spotted something rather unique- a liquid cooled power supply.

In the images above you will see the FSP Hydro PTM+, a liquid cooled power supply. In this instance, the higher performing water loop has allowed FSP to squeeze more wattage out of the unit, turning a 1200W PSU into a 1400W one. It uses a DC-DC module design and Japanese capacitors, which is on par with other top power supplies. Obviously, at first, a liquid cooled PSU sounds quite dangerous, so FSP has implemented some extra segregation to avoid leakages.

The Bitspower block being used in this PSU took around two years to develop. While liquid cooling is the focus, there is still a 35mm RGB fan on board, which stays switched off under low load.

There will be multiple models of the Hydro PTM+, ranging from smaller 550W Platinum rated supplies, all the way up to 1400W. FSP has already given modder Toru Sekiguchi a chance to check out some of these PSUs already, as you can see by the funky looking builds in images above.

Beyond that, we got a look at the new FSP Twins PSU, which are being upgraded to 700W capacity. There is also a V2 software update coming for FSP Twin PSU users, which will allow email notification as soon as one of the PSU units fails. Standalone Twin modules can now be bought to allow for minimal downtime while RMAs are under way.

A final note on power supplies, all of FSP’s PSU range use the same pins, so once CableMod kits are ready, they will be compatible across all available units.

Beyond FSP’s growing PSU range, the company also showed off two new CPU coolers, the Windale 6 and Windale 4, both of which we have reviewed on KitGuru, so you can check there for more details. There was also a new ATX case on show with 4 RGB fans, which will cost around £89 here in the UK at launch. The fans are controlled via a button at the front and there is a nice large tempered glass side panel to truly show off your build.

This is part of FSP’s hope to build an ecosystem where users can buy various bits of FSP hardware for their systems. This will also mean that FSP isn’t just relying on one segment of the market for sales.

KitGuru Says: That liquid cooled power supply really was quite the sight. It will be interesting to see how many people are willing to trust a PSU with water running through it.

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