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Be Quiet! Pure Power L8 630W Power Supply Review

Be quiet! are using one of the proprietary sleeve bearing fans – the Silent Wings BQT T12025-MS-18. This is a 120mm unit which is rated to a maximum of 29.6 dBa at 100% load (1,800 rpm).

This is an HEC Active PFC design, which is unusual for Be Quiet! who tend to work with FSP. It isn’t the cleanest finished build we have seen in recent months, but the design is capable and soldering quality is excellent. The PCB supports two +12V rails. There is a daughter card shielded behind a white protective strip, this is a Weltrend 7527. This IC supports OCP for a dual +12V rail configuration and all other protection standards. Over Temperature Protection is handled by an additional circuit.

Behind the AC receptacle is a small PCB with part of the transient filtering stage, two Y caps and a single X cap. On the main PCB are an MOV, one X cap, two Y caps and three chokes.

The primary capacitor is a Teapo unit, rated 400V, 470uF, 85c. All capacitors in the secondary section are Teapo branded and rated at 105c. On the modular PCB six Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors with a smaller Teapo are utilised for additional ripple filtering. There are two high quality Japanese capacitors soldered onto the cable management board to help reduce high frequency noise.

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