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BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 10 850W PSU Review

BeQuiet! ship their power supplies in large boxes which look great. The image of the power supply resides in the center of the box with the details underneath. There is plenty of ‘black space’ around the image to increase the dramatic effect.

BeQuiet! don’t spare any expense with their flagship products and the power supply is shipped protected within sculpted foam. On top is a user manual detailing the product. The cabling is supplied within a separate box with literature, screws and power cable stored in another section.

Above, the well written user manual, region specific power cable, mounting screws, overclocking key and cable box.

Sadly BeQuiet! don’t supply a felt pouch for cable storage, but the little box can be stored inside the main shipping box with any extra cables. They do however supply a variety of felt and plastic ties to enhance the appearance of cable routing.

The image above left highlights all the modular cabling, which is high grade sleeved. The power supply isn’t a pure modular design so there is a single hardwired cable as can be seen in the image above right.

There are also four fan cables which can be connected to the power supply to directly control chassis fans.

The diagram above details the cabling and relevant lengths. There are 6 x 6+2 PCIe power cables which is ideal for a high powered Crossfire or SLI system build.

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