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BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 10 850W PSU Review

The BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 10 850W power supply is beautifully finished, with deep, black paint, which is difficult to mark. The build quality is exceptionally good and all the side panels utilise rubber surrounds to help reduce vibration when installed into a chassis.

The fan is a 135mm unit, airflow optimised with a custom blade design to reduce turbulence and lower noise emissions. The fan is beautifully mounted behind a black grill, matching the overall appearance of the unit.

One side of the power supply is honeycomb vented to improve air flow. There is a power switch and connector at the side.

The modular panel is neatly laid out, with the hard wired cable residing at the other side. The PCIe cable connectors are all positioned in a row along the top of the chassis, with the peripheral connectors running underneath.

The Overclocking Key plugs into the white port on the modular panel. A flip of the switch on the Overclocking key switches from the default four rail factory setting to a high performance single rail mode.

Above, the overview of the BeQuiet! Dark Power Pro 10 850W power supply. It can deliver up to 70A on the combined 12v+ rail.

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