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BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 10 850W PSU Review

We were impressed with the BeQuiet! Dark Power Pro 10 550W when we analysed it in May, but the 850W model reviewed today is even better. Not only has this model achieved 80 Plus Platinum certification, but the full bridge design by Seasonic delivers class leading results.

The BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 10 850W delivers extremely stable regulation and can handle a diverse shift in load without a flutter. The test results today also highlight the fantastic efficiency results peaking at almost 94 percent at 50 percent load.

Noise suppression is improved over the 550W model, we recorded 10 mV and 15 mV from the +3.3V and +5 rail respectively under full load conditions. +12V peaked at 30mW when delivering a full load.

As we hoped, the whisper quiet operation will be one of the primary purchasing decisions for many people.

The SilentWings 2 fan is basically silent up to 750W output, with the speeds rising a little in the last 100W of ultimate output. Even at 850W you would be hard pressed to hear it running with your ear a foot from the exhaust panel.

BeQuiet!’s proprietary fan design has always attracted a specialist audience who want to build a high performance, low noise system and this power supply would be my first choice for a new gaming PC. Even with two high end graphics cards, there are very few situations when you will need more than 850W under load, so this power supply is ideal for noise sensitive gamers.

We tested this power supply with a system comprising 16GB of 2,400mhz DDR3 memory, two AMD HD7970 graphics cards in Crossfire, and an overclocked Core i7 3960K with liquid cooling. The BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 10 850W was perfectly silent and rock solid throughout.

A quality modular design with 80 Plus Platinum certification will demand a price premium. In the UK it retails for £166.79 inc vat from ARIA. If you want a no compromise design we can think of nothing else we would buy right now.


  • Technically class leading.
  • Silent.
  • extremely efficient.
  • beautiful styling.
  • bundle is extensive.


  • Its not cheap.

Kitguru says: Silent, pretty and one of the best power supplies on the market.

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Rating: 9.5.

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